We hope that you have a safe and excellent Spring Break! We look forward to seeing you back in May!!

Important Dates:

April 30 - May 4: Spring Break

May 8: Spring Concert Rehearsal Z campus gym

May 9: Spring Concert Rehearsal Philharmonic

May 9: Art Show 17:00 Z campus theatre

May 15: Spring Concert Rehearsal Z campus gym

May 16: Spring Concert Rehearsal Philharmonic

May 17: Spring Concert 17:00

May 30 - May 31: Student led conferences

Science News:


On Thursday, April 19, 2012, MYP1 students traveled around Wroclaw by bus, tram and boat to observe the different bridges around town. We were able to observe bridges such as Most Rędziński, the new bridge that is the tallest in Poland, Most Milenijny, Most Grunwaldzki, Most Tumski (love lock bridge) and several others in the rynek area. This is the first year we traveled by boat to observe bridges from the bottom perspective. Students will apply what they saw during this field trip and construct a model bridge of their own that will be tested in May.





Currently we are in the middle of our Chemistry Unit. Students got to see what happens when you mix solid sodium with water. We will continue studying the periodic table and how elements combine together to produce compounds.



Currently we are studying genetics. Students just completed a short research project on different types of genetic disorders. Here are some examples of the kinds of genetic disorders the students studied. We will continue learning about how traits are passed on from generation to generation.
Colorblindess is an example of a sex linked genetic disorder.
Downsyndrome is an example of a genetic disorder where chromosome 21 has an extra copy of itself.


Students in MYP 5 finished their analysis of the field trip to Krakow and created a short video clip of this exciting trip. We currently are continuing our organic chemistry unit with a short research project on the chemical structures of different drugs and their effects on the human body.


Language A


The rest of the MYP 1 students presented their Greek god speeches after the holiday and also did a great job getting into character!
The class are now busy working on their own original myths which they really seem to be really getting into. The first draft is due today – Friday 27th April. I’m really looking forward to reading their work!



The students are now working on their own interpretations of Romeo and Juliet. They will be involved in two tasks. In the first, they will work as a whole group to dramatize the first scene of the play. We have discussed expectations for group work and much of the emphasis of this unit will be on team work, which includes respect, responsibility and participation.
The second task will involve the students working in pairs to create their own version of the famous balcony scene. They will be expected to produce a prompt book which will explain and justify their choices.
If they do as well as they did in their performance of Cinderella last year, then we are in for a treat!

MYP 3 & 4

The students have watched the movie Goodnight and Good Luck which dramatises the role of TV presenter Edward R Murrow in the downfall of McCarthy’s communist witch hunts. They conducted research into the movie and the history of the event. They will write then a report on how the director George Clooney dramatised a historical event and how successful the movie was.


The emphasis for the MYP 5 students has been on their independent reading of the novel 1984 and their ability to lead and participate in discussions on the major themes, ideas and issues in the novel. They are being graded on both their reading log and their discussion skills.
We have also been looking at the history of advertising and analysing advertising slogans. After the holiday we will be looking at magazine advertising, TV commercials and internet advertising.