MAY 01 - MAY 02: No school

MAY 29 - 30: Student led conferences (more information will be given at the beginning of the month)

Middle School Physical Education

The MYP 1 and 2 students just recently finished their European Handball Unit. During this unit they were assessed in Criterion A (Use of knowledge) through a written test and Criterion C (Performance) through their participation in modified handball matches.

external image 02060f82.jpg

If you would like to learn more about this unit as well as see some videos of the students in action during one of the modified matches then please go to the following link which will take you to the MYP 1 and 2 PE wiki page:

The MYP 3-5 students just completed their Rhythms and Dance unit. The MYP 3 and 4 students worked together to create a dance that was their interpretation of the Rumble scene from the book, 'The Outsiders'. The MYP 3 students had previously read this book in their Language A class so this unit was done in collaboration with the Language A teacher. If you would like to learn more about this unit as well as see the MYP 3-4 dance performance video then please go to the following link which will take you to the MYP 3-5 PE wiki page:

Langauge A

The MYP 1 students have started their unit on Greek mythology, by brainstorming what they already know on the topic and coming up with questions about what they want to find out. We looked at the creation myth from Greek mythology and the students came to class with creation myths from their own cultures to compare. Each student chose one of the twelve Olympian gods or goddesses to conduct research into. They will be presenting their findings in class next Friday.
The MYP 2 students have started their unit entitled ‘In search of Adventure’. They will be asking the questions – ‘What drives people to seek out adventure?’ And ‘What are the ingredients of a good adventure?’They will be reading a number of texts and analyzing them in terms of content and style and language use.
The MYP 3 students have started their unit entitled ‘Speak for yourself’, which will focus on writing and presenting speeches. We have already analysed a number of speeches to find out what devices good speakers use to make their speeches effective. The final assessment will be for students to write and present their own persuasive speech on a topic of interest to them.
The MYP 4 & 5 students have started their unit entitled ‘Perspectives’. Alex is reading the novel ‘Catcher in the Rye’ by J.D. Sallinger and will examine the idea of unreliable vs reliable narrators. The MYP 4 students are reading the novel ‘Noughts & Crosses’ by Malorie Blackman, and will also examine the idea of narrative perspective. Each week, they read a section on the book, complete a journal entry and participate in a student-led discussion.
We are also reading and discussing a number of texts that deal with controversial issues. The final assignment for the unit will be to write an essay on a controversial issue of their choice.

MYP Science

MYP 1: The students are currently working on the solar system unit. They just finished creating scale models of the planets making sure that the distances and the diameters of the planets are correctly represented using ratios.

MYP 2: The students are currently working on the biome unit. They are currently creating their own biome and creating animals that have adapted to the environment they have created.

MYP 3: The students just finished their light unit, where they had to take an exam about how light reflects from different the two types of mirrors. The students will begin their simple machine unit.

MYP 4/5: The students are starting their DNA unit. They performed an experiment where they looked at the DNA of different fruits.


Language B Polish
Phase 1 students are working on final assessment to the "My place" unit. They need to record room tour video and present it during class. Apart of this they started new unit "My day" during which they will learn to tell about everyday habits in their families. At the end of this unit students should be able to tell about their schedule and set up meeting with friends.

Phase 2 students has finished their unit about health. Here you can their guides they made for teenagers . Currently phase 2 students are learning how to tell about future and hoe to plan the future. They are also learning how to describe the weather.

Phase 4 students are in the middle of movie unit. They are learning how and when to use past perfect and imperfect tense when tell about movies. They are also develop their vocabulary. At the end of this unit they will be expecting to describe watched movie.

Phase 6 student is learning about reportage. Oliver read some reportage and currently is writing one. The next step will be video reportage. Oliver will watch it few examples first and then will record his own reportage.

May 5, 2014

reading.jpgDear Parents,

I hope that you had a relaxing Spring Break and that you have returned reinvigorated for the rapidly approaching end of the school year. Thank you so much for supporting our school through the Scholastic International School Book Club for the past four years.

The May leaflet for the SISBC is enclosed and this is the final book order for this academic year. All prices are listed in British Pounds Sterling and are subject to VAT and Processing Fees of 15%. You will need to order your books online by Friday, May 16, 2014. Books will be delivered to the school two weeks later and they will be distributed to the students individually.

You can shop online with your credit card by visiting the following link:
Please remember that every book you buy from the Scholastic International School Book Club helps WIS earn much-needed books for our library and classrooms!

Not sure which books to buy for your child? Why not check out the leaflet with him or her? In addition, you may want to consider the following titles:

highway rat.jpgThe Highway Rat by Julia Donaldson: A bedtime rhyme with rattitude from Julia and Axel. This cute bandit will steal your chocolate éclairs. And ambush your heart while he’s at it. Ages 0+
woolly.jpgWoolly by Sam Childs: Our no. 1 contender for the snuggliest picture book of the year. Will you give this sad little scrap a cuddle? So sweet you’ll shed a tear. Ages 3+
bigfoot.jpgThe Boy Who Cried Bigfoot! by Scott Magoon: If you love The Gruffalo, you must try this story of imaginary (or are they?) big
hairy monsters! Ages 5+
Magic Tree House.jpgMagic Tree House: High Time for Heroes by Mary Pope Osborne: King Arthur, Florence Nightingale and a trip to Egypt, in one epic adventure? Count us in. Ages 7+
Dragons.jpgNo Such Things as Dragons by Philip Reeve: A dragon tale with a difference. Heart-pounding fantasy from the Mortal Engines maestro. Ages 9+
owl keeper.jpgThe Owl Keeper by Christine Brodien-Jones: A lyrical fantasy. The silver owls are gone; the forests are dark; the sinister High Echelon rule the world. But the Owl Keeper is coming … Ages 11+
Pompeii.jpgCurses and Smoke: A Novel of Pompeii by Vicky Alvear Shecter: A forbidden love flares as the eruption blows the roof off the world. What will survive? Ages 13+
cute_nf.jpgHappy Reading!

N. Franco, WIS School Librarian
Wroclaw International School
Book Summaries and images are courtesy of Scholastic, UK.