Winter Break: FEB 24 - FEB 28

Report Cards: March 21

From the School Librarian:

Dear MYP Students,

Our Scholastic International School Book Club leaflets are ready for you! This means that you and your parents can begin ordering the books from your Book Club leaflet and pay online using a credit card by visiting the following link:
Prices are listed in British Pounds Sterling and are subject to VAT and Processing Fees of 15%. You will need to order your books online by Friday, March 7th. Books will be delivered to school two weeks later and they will be distributed to the students then.

Please remember that every book you buy from the Scholastic International School Book Club helps WIS earn much-needed books for our library and classrooms!

Not sure which books to buy? Why not check out the leaflet or you may might consider the following titles?

Spider Sandwiches by Claire Freedman and Sue Hendra


Rhymes. Mealtimes. And YUCKY BUGS! Two monster talents: one tasty tale. Tuck in. Ages 0+
The Fox in the Dark by Alison Green and Deborah Allwright

fox.jpgFour adorable animals show you not to be scared of the dark in this cuddly bedtime favorite. Psst ... there is a funny twist too! Ages 3+
The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf

ferdinand.jpgA gentle misfit to win your heart. Ferdinand like sniffing flowers, but not butting heads with other bulls. How will he survive the bullfight? Ages 5+
Ghost Buddy: Always Dance With a Buffalo by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver
ghost buddy.jpg

You'll laugh, you'll laugh more and you'll wish you had a ghost of your own. Spook-a-licous! Ages 7+
I Funny by James Patterson

A tale of comedy and disability by a massive author. Jamie wants to be a stand-up-star. But he can't stand up: he's in a wheelchair. Ages 9+
The Great Unexpected by Sharon Creech

Two orphans, an odd boy and a tree ... Worlds are woven together and lives changed forever in this mystical tale by Carnegie Medal winner. Ages 11+
Happy Reading!

Elephant reading.jpg

N. Franco, WIS School Librarian
Wroclaw International School
Chaos Walking Trilogy by Patrick Ness


The dystopian phenomenon that's snapped up the Carnegie Medal, the Costa, and Booktrust prizes. An unflinching and brutal saga of power and war. Ages 13+
Book Summaries and images are courtesy of Scholastic, UK.

Middle School Physical Education


All MYP students have just completed their Volleyball Unit. They learned, practiced and peformed forearm passing (bumping), setting and underhand serving skills through various activities and games. MYP 1 and 2 students particiapted in modified volleyball matches, called bounce volleyball, in which the ball is allowed to bounce once each time it goes over the net. This bounce allowed students more time to track the ball and practice their skills. The older students played authentic matches and this week had their summative assessment task (Criterion C: Performance), a match against the teachers. Just for the record the teachers won 4 sets to 2 sets!

If you would like to learn more about the Volleyball units as well as see some videos of the kids (and teachers) in action please go to the following PE wiki links (first one is for MYP 1 and 2 and the second one is for MYP 3-5):

MYP Science:

MYP 1/2: We have started our unit on chemistry. Currently the students are studying different properties of elements. The picture below demonstrates what happens when you add solid sodium to water. The students observed the results and completed a lab report about their findings.
kuva 1.PNGkuva 3.PNG

MYP 3: We are still working on our wave units. The students conducted an experiment where they measured the decibels in different places around the school. The student completed a lab report about their findings.
photo 2 (1).JPGphoto 1 (1).JPG
MYP 4/5: We finished our unit on Newton's Three Laws of motion. Here students are pictured demonstrating how the third law of motion works using a simple balloon on a string.
Oliver, Seoung woo, Alex, Shivangi, Jimin

image (7).jpeg
Seoung woo, and Oliver

image (5).jpeg
Jessica and Jimin
image (3).jpeg
Alex and Shivangi

image (6).jpeg

Mother Tongue Week

February 17-21 we have celebrated Mother Tongue Week. During it students participated in different activities which encourage them to use their mother tongues. You can see some pictures and videos from this event below.


MYP 4/5

MYP 4/5 students discussing how to measure the height of Sky Tower.

MYP 4/5 students are finishing thier unit about Trigonometry. One of the tasks they did was to measure the height of Sky Tower.

MYP 3 students have been learning Geometry and Measurement Unit. Now they are solving problems about perimeter and area of composite shapes.

MYP 2 students have finished Algebra Unit. They learned how to simplify expressions and they also plot the points in the coordinate plane.

MYP 1 students are starting the new unit - Patterns and Algebra. They have been looking for patterns in everyday life.

Language A


The MYP 1 students have started their new unit ‘Looking back’. By the end of the unit, the students will have written their own autobiography, after having taken some lessons from the ‘experts’. They have begun reading Roald Dahl’s autobiography and are looking at how he makes his writing engaging for the reader. They will then try to incorporate some of these techniques into their own writing. If there introductions are anything to go by, I think they final books will make very interesting reading! Here are a few sneak previews of what is to come:

‘The first thing I really like to do is sit withmy phone and play games like flappy bird (This game is really annoying). Also I like to look at things like facebook, Instagram and of course Snapchat. When my phone battery dies or when I get bored with playing on my phone, I take a book (since I really like to read) and make myself hot chocolate and relax. For example I really like to read Jacqueline Wilson books (romance).’ (Jaqueline)

‘I am really scared of spiders I am scared of their little fluffy legs and their eyes that look at me and how they can do spiderwebs. I am also scared of darkness but not at night time I am scared of darkness like when the lights go off suddenly. I am scared of it because I always think that someone is in my room or that someone is trying to scare me. I think I watched to many horror movies!’ (Amelia)

‘Now, it is time to know about why I do twitter and why I like it. To be honest, when I first made the twitter account, I thought it was boring and useless. But one day I became a big fan of some celebrity from Korea and she has a official twitter account. This is why I like it. When she posts selfies on twitter I save the picture and set it as my wallpaper on my phone.’ (Hyoung Min)

‘My mom is really good at cooking. She is good at cooking korean food! She can cook various types of thing for example cockroach, spider, worm… (just kidding).Also she is risktaker because she most time tries new food. She made bacon rice roll, Tuna Rice and etc… She is a big risktaker but I’m also a risk taker because I need to eat it.’ (Jun Soo)

‘My phobias are SPIDERS. I HATE SPIDERS they are really creepy eight legged bugs. They are just so creepy that when I was young I saw a spider in the bathroom ceiling and I took my nerf gun and shot 10 times but it didn't die so then I took the shower and started spraying with the shower on the wall, the spider got wet, but didn’t die so finally my dad came and took a paper and flush to the toilet. Or once a spider was in my room wall so I took a magazine and squished it, but it didn’t die so my dad just came with a paper AGAIN and squished it.’ (Otto)

‘The second thing that I dislike is playing volleyball, because I’m horrible at volleyball and I don’t like hitting with my wrist. After hitting volleyball with my wrist, it turn into red also it starts hurting.’ (Saerim)


The MYP 2 students have started their integrated Language A/Art unit ‘Children’s stories’. In Language A, they will be examining a variety of children’s books to see what techniques are used to make them appeal to children. Simphiwe has already created a number of poems about different pets. He will be illustrating these in Art. By the end of the unit, the students will write and illustrate their own children’s story.


The MYP 3 students have started their unit ‘Identity’. During this unit we will be discussing the factors that influence our identity while reading the novel ‘The Outsiders’ by S.E. Hinton. The students will be reading mostly independently. They will read three chapters a week and keep a journal about what they read. Every Monday there will be a discussion on the section read. The students will be graded on their understanding of and response to the novel through the log and discussion. We will also be examining how writers make their work engaging for the reader.

MYP 4/5

The MYP 4 & 5 students have just begun their unit on poetry. They will be examining a number of poems by poets such as Carol Ann Duffy and Simon Armitage. They will look at how poets use language, style & form to create specific effects to engage readers and to influence them. The final assessment of the unit will be in two parts. In part 1, they will write a commentary on a poem that they have studied. In part 2, they will write a response to an unseen poem.