Finally, the end of the Year has come!!!!!

And what a great year year it has been!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to all the parents at WIS for all your help and support this year and for putting on a wonderful appreciation tea for us last Monday!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday we held the Graduation Ceremony for the PYP 5 students and the MYP 5 students

Conratulations to:

Ho Jung
Seung Myeon

Ji Won

At our Closing Ceremony today, we awarded certificates students for the following accomplishments:

Outstanding Achievement in Visual Arts Ji Won C.

Outstanding Achievement in Science Ji Won C.

Outstanding Achievement in DT Aga

Outstanding Achievement in Maths Seoung Woo

Outstanding Achievement in Language A Basia

Outstanding Achievement in French Minhae

Outstanding Achievement in PE Hae Chang

Outstanding Achievement in Polish Unna

Outstanding Achievement in WS Ola

MYP Scholar J. H.

MYP Ambassador Victoria

IB LP Student of the Year Hae Chang, Oliver

Perfect Attendance Ji Min, Hannah, Seung Hwan, Seung Myeon

Subject Awards002.JPGAttendance.jpg

Also, congratulations to all the students who completed the Community & Service Programme


We wish to say goodbye and good luck to the following students and staff who are leaving WIS and heading to bigger and brighter things!!!!!!

Grade 6: Basia

Grade 7: Hannah

Grade 9: Hae Chang and Rachel

Grade 10: Aga and Ji Won

Staff: Ms. Van-Sice

Thank you for the contribution you have made to our school and best wishes for the future.

For all of you returning to WIS, have a great summer and see you September 3rd.

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From All the Middle Year Staff!