November Newsletter

Winter WOW!
WIS Winter WOW concert is coming soon. It will take place on December 8 at the Zielinskiego Campus. We start at 3:00 pm. Students should wear nice clothes – national or Santa’s colours (red and white) are welcome. They shouldn’t wear jeans and casual clothes. Those who play the violin, the flute, and the saxophone are asked to come at 2:30 at the latest for tuning the instruments. The rest of the students need to be ready for performing at 2:45.
There will be a school rehearsal on Friday, December 7, from 1:00 pm. to 2:30 at Zielinskiego Campus. Beyzyma students are coming on the bus and they will return at 2:40 to Beyzyma Campus.
Kind regards,
Mr. Radek Tokarz – music teacher

Physical Education

external image BasketBallShot.jpg
All MYP students have recently started their basketball unit. In MYP 1 and 2 they will be practicing and improving their dribbling, passing, shooting and man-to-man defensive skills. When participating in matches rules will be modified to allow them to find more success, build their confidence and focus on a specific skill.

The MYP 3-5 students will also be working on the above skills but on a more advanced level and will also get into zone defense and rebounding as well as more tactics such as picks, pick-and-rolls and traps. The older students will participate in regular basketball matches, which will be used to assess the transfer of their skills and tactics from isolated exercises to authentic basketball matches. All students will be assessed on MYP Criterion A (Use of Knowledge), C (Performance) and D (Social Skills) by the end of this unit. If you
would like to know more about these units pleasego to the following WIS PE wiki page links:


Visual Arts


Our unit topic is Standing Stones. Grade 6 is learning about mysterious monuments and symbolic meaning of Art. They developed also approaches to learning, especially cooperation and time management.
At first, they learned how to count a size of stones and the diameter of scale circle. Later they tried one method of preparing the clay. Then student decided that different method would be better and easier – they prepared a huge rectangular block and cut every particular one from the big part. Building the model was much easier that preparing clay and forming stones!!! Students also have been thought how to lighten the sculpture to take a good photo of it.




Grade 7 is learning about Indus Valley Civilization. They are exploring art of works and use knowledge in application. Summative task
given is modern interpretation of particular Indus Seal (kind of a slate board) Student are creating their artwork using plastic straws and aluminium
foil on black paper. They are studing form of animals and texst included in evidence, transforming shapes carefully into their own interpretation.


Grade 8 have already completed drawing unit called Natural Disasters. They practised drawing of natural or man - mad disaster. They consider if there is any difference between them and if disasters can be inspiration for artist. Student started new unit "Ceramic - Baked Earth" and had field trip to Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. They saw all process of preparing, creating and baking ceramic (porcelain an clay).

Student's reflection:

This month in art our unit was drawing disasters / natural disasters. We had to make a black and white drawing of a disaster. I did a drawing of a dried land and I found it very challenging. We also went on a field trip to University of Art and there we saw many ways of doing pottery and other art. I really liked this trip because I got to see how artist do art proffesionally and I think I enjoyed this the most in art. I really liked this unit and I think it was very interesting because I got to do different shades of grey and I learnt how to make something look more like its in the background. I would really like to have this unit again.


Hania's work

Hania's work and Seung Woo's volcano

Academy of Fine Arts Ceramic Department Field Trip photos:




Grade 10 were working with idea of self-portrait, otherwise the topic was treated in untypical way. I ask student to consider if personalyty is something constant or not. As a result they created photo series conected with searching of identyty. They were asked a question: How the clothes and surroundings change perception of the viewer, and what does it say about us?

Student's reflection:

For this unit of Art, we had to create a photograph self portrait that showed our personality. We had to create collage of at least that represented us in some way.
The way we had to approach this task was different than others since we could use our imagination freely to express ourself of our personality which was different in that way to the previous tasks since we could be freely expressive.


Art Collage line2.jpg
Ji Won's work

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Min Hae's work

Design Technology


Grade 6 was developing their knowledge about important materials used in Technology. The unit topic was: Stone, Wood, Metal. Firstly we considered what was the role of stone, wood and metal in history of technology and how this materials evolved through times. Later student were doing huge prezi prezentation about various types of particular material. Areez made prezi about maetal, Seung Myeon about stone, Dhaya and Ho Jung completed the biggest theme: wood. They all did precious piece of work!

Screen shot of Seung Myeon's work


Grade 7 was doing brain model ( one model done by boys, one by girls)

Student's reflection:
In November, we had a unit combined with Science called Brains. Our task in DT was to make a creative brain. There were two groups, girls and boys. The girls decided to make a brain with rainbow color and the boys decided to make a brain with clay and paint on it showing the different parts of the brain. One layer had to be the shape and the second one had to be the creative one.

Hyoung Jun


This month in DT our unit was drawing folk design on a wooden utensil. We had to do our own countries folk design and draw and pain on a wooden utensil that we bought. I had to research first the traditional Polish folk design. Then I had to buy a wooden utensil so I bought a small one in empik. After that I had to sketch the pattern and design on the wooden utensil and then paint it. I really enjoyed this unit because it was kind of challenging doing the many details so it wasn't tto easy so I didn't find it boring. I also really like painting so this was interesting for me. One day I'd like to do this unit again.

Hania's reflection

Shivangi's work
On the right side Hyun Kwon's tiger
Picture 017.jpgHania's work, still during process


In our unit in Design Technology we had to create a scale model and plan for a school that we would want.
As our first task, we just drew the idea of model on paper and due to time limitations pushed the actual creation for later.
The model included WIS, Beyzyma and Atut all in one grand.
Then after finnishing the drawn model, we started creating the actual scale model out of cardboard and paper.

Emmi's description of activity
Picture 003.jpgPicture-005a.jpg

Language A


The MYP 1 students finished off the Reading Bug Unit with their final book talks to the Grade 5 class.

Areez.pngHo Jung.png

Seoung Myeon.pngvlcsnap-2012-11-29-11h14m05s55.png

'The book talk was the most challenging because we had to prepare a talk in front of people and I didn't use a paper. I think I did good, but...I should have looked at the audience more instead of looking at my book. i was a risk-taker because I had no paper!' (Areez)

'I found making the book talk long enough challenging. Firstly i wasn't very patient and rushed a lot and sometimes I was just clueless how long my book talk already is. In my final presentation, I think my voice was quavering a bit. I think I should have practised speaking more clearly. I think I did a fair job for everything else. I demonstrated I am a communicator because I had to motivate others to read a book and I think I'm succeeding.' (Dhaya)

We are now well into our second unit - Expressing Opinions. We have been working on writing a good paragraph and on supporting our opinion with details and examples.


The students wrote their own original short stories as the summative assessment of the Creative Writing Unit. They planned their stories, shared their first drafts, gave and received feedback and then completed the final version of their stories.

'I really enjoyed sharing my work and receiving feedback from everyone because it gave me a lot of good ideas and probably contributed to my mark. I also liked listening to everybody else's stories because they were all exciting and interesting.'

We are now well into our second unit on Science fiction. While reading the novel The Giver, by Lois Lowry and a variety of short stories and articles on science and technology, we will be examining the questions:
Should we fear the future?
What might be the consequences of our creations?

We will review paragraph and essay writing skills and the final summative assessment task will be an essay about life 50 or 100 years from now.


The MYP 3 students finished off the unit on Marketing with their final presentations at the beginning of November. Thanks to all the parents who cam to support the students.

'While doing the project I learnt how to be creative, how to cooperate well and how to present well. I think there are some things that I would’ve done different like be more prepared in the presentation, and improve presenting by doing more body language and speak louder. I really liked this unit and I’d like to do something like this again.' (Hannah)

'I think I got a nice experience from this unit and the group work was a nice idea. I liked it, I am sure the group work was better than a person. And the partners joined the presentation well. So everybody was active. This can be an example of principled, As I said, we had each parts for our homeworks. I think that was fair. So my group did well also we were respecting to each others. I am glad us that we didn’t get a disappoint to each others. Because we did our
best for our group work.' (Ji Min)

'I felt good working in a group because you have more ideas in a group and you can make a better presentation in a group. In my group everyone was active. We did equal amounts of work. I think we worked together well because we accepted every idea that someone had. We where respectful towards each other and our presentation was truly a group work.' (Oliver)

Oliver.jpgOliver and Hyun Kwon.jpgShivangi & Seoung Woo.jpgJi Min.jpg

We have now begun our unit on Identity. While reading the novel The Outsiders by S E Hinton, we will be discussing what has influenced the identities of the characters in the novel and what has influenced our identities. The final summative assessment will be a personal narrative. Students will choose and event or experience from their own lives that had an impact on them or was significant in shaping their identity and will write about it. We will be focusing on techniques for making writing engaging as we progress through the unit.


The students completed the first unit by writing essays on how writers conform to or manipulate genres. the emphasis was on essay structure - writing good introductions and thesis statements, organising paragraphs effectively with topic sentences and concluding sentences and using evidence and examples effectively to support opinions.

We have also now completed the independent reading unit that was an integrated unit with Science. The students read the novel Unwind independently over a period of five weeks. They kept a reading journal about what they read each week and every Wednesday we had a student-led discussion about the assigned section of the book. Students were responsible for coming up with questions for discussion. They were graded on their communication skills, their ability to provoke discussion, give opinions and support their opinions in a coherent manner. It was great to see the students improve in all these areas over the five sessions.

We have just begun our third unit Perspectives. While reading the novel Noughts & Crosses by Malorie Blackman which deals with inequality and the various perspectives on how to bring about change, students will conduct research into leaders who have helped to bring about social change. These leaders include Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. They will also look into the recent events that have been taking place in the Middle East. After researching their chosen area, the students will present their findings to the rest of the class and then write an essay on whether or not they think violence is necessary in bringing about social change.

Personal Project

The MYP 5 students have been working hard on their Personal Projects and at Wednesday's assembly, they gave mini presentations on what they had done so far. They gave these presentations in order to give themselves as much practice as possible at presenting in front of an audience. They focused on really trying to engage the audience and so for the most part did not use notes for their presentations. This meant that they really had to know their stuff and practice thoroughly. The other reason for this assembly was to give the rest of the school an insight into what the Personal Project is all about.

PP mini presentations 001.jpgPP mini presentations 004.jpg

PP mini presentations 003.jpgPP mini presentations 002.jpg

MYP Science


I enjoyed when we did a foam that shoots out of a bottle and it was really awesome. I did not dislike anything. We learned about the planets, and the scientific method. Areez

I leaned about Planets and what i enjoyed is that when we were making the planet one the string also i liked watching the cartoon and that kind of helped us a little and we leaned scientific method. Seung Myeon

Our unit in Science is solar system. In science we were learning about Scientific method, and now we’re learning about solar system. I enjoyed the part where we experienced the crazy foam it was very interesting and fun, and in this solar system unit I was enjoying watching comics. Also the hardest part in Science was writing the (Control group, Independent variable and dependent variable) by watching the short comics. However this unit was fun. Hojung

In this unit we learned about planets. I learned a lot about Venus & Mars. My favorite part was when we watched the magic school bus. I did not enjoy making a cube puzzle because it was hard and in the end no one figured it out. However, the rest of the unit was fun and educational. Dhaya

MYP2: Field Trip to Humanitarium:









Our unit was about natural disasters. We did tsunami lab which we had to break the city we built with a fake tsunami, but we put too much water. We did the seismograph lab which I had to shake the table to show the strengths of the shake. The last lab we did was the volcano lab where we made a volcano. I like the volcano video because I learned lots of things. I learnt there are s-waves, and p-waves. I also learnt the three types of volcanos: shield volcano, cinder cone and composite volcano. The tsunami is over 700 km/h and is less than 5 meters. I learnt the water is the fuel for hurricane. Seoungwoo

Our unit for this month was about natural disaster. I thought it was very interesting unit. We learned about how natural disasters happen and how it affects us, economy and environment. We performed a lab that was like a tsunami attacking a city to show how tsunami destroys things. I like the tsunami unit most because we watched Korean movie and why it is fake. I learned how natural disaster happens, the different types of natural disasters and how it affects humans, economy, and environment. Seung Hwan

Our unit this month was natural disasters. We have been learning about all the kinds of natural disasters like tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, and hurricanes. We did some labs too like the tsunami lab and seismograph lab. Both labs were good but they did not work out as good as they could of. The thing that I like the most was watching the tsunami movie. I liked that because it was funny and we learnt what an earthquake isn’t supposed to be and look like. I learnt a lot in this unit like how the natural disasters are formed, measured, predicted and what are they caused by and what are they effects? Hania

Our unit was natural disaster. We performed tsunami lab, volcano lab and others. I liked the volcano lab because the volcano’s lava came out, that was interesting. I learnt about natural disaster (tsunami, volcano, hurricane, and earthquakes). For example, how to measure hurricane and what is tsunami/volcano/hurricane and earthquake. Ji Min.


We finished our unit on genetic in conjunction with LA. The students completed presentation showing the current progress we have on human transplants.

Benefits of human transplants: Ji Won
+ 1. Helps grieving families: When a loved one dies, most families will want to do
everything they can to help the grieving process. Knowing that the corneas or heart of the
person who just died will help another see or even live can be very comforting. They
receive some peace knowing that something positive has come out of the death.
+ 2. New lease on life: For those receiving the organs, these transplants can mean a
second opportunity at life. For some, it means being able to see, while for others, it can
mean actually being able to live.
+ 3. Better quality of life: Individuals who are dependent on kidney dialysis and receive a
kidney transplant can return to living a regular lifestyle without machines.
+ 4. Cost effective: Some organ transplants can be less expensive in the long run than
continuing medical care, specifically in the case of kidney transplants.
+ 5. Social responsibility: Many individuals feel it is their social responsibility to help
others survive or live normal lives.

MYP Mathematics



In math we started a new unit called Exploring Numbers.
So far in this Unit we learned about multiples, factors and how to check if a number is divisible by 2,3,4,6 & 10. And lately we learned about the code most terrorists use for communicating with each other and this is my favourite part. This was a really great unit and I don’t think I would change anything if I could.

My favorite thing to do was to do some encryption with with letters. I figured one out and it said ”maths is of prime importance” and it was very easy. I liked everything and enjoyed everything. I didn’t dislike anything.


I think that this unit was very interesting and pretty fun for all of us. I have my opinion, my opinion is that I think this unit is one of those units that I enjoyed in maths because when we learned how to multiply and divide I had major problems but then I finally got it and it became fun after I understood what and how to do it. My favorite part of the unit was multiplying the fractions and the games that we played.

My favorite part was getting to know some new games, and domino. But of course I learned many new things like adding fraction and many other, we got to know some simple ways but they were still pretty tricky for us. Hyoung Jun helped me in some problems and i really appreciate that. He really helped me with adding wich I did really well. With subscribing it was harder but simply the same thing. But i still have some problems with that.



Seung Hwan:
Our unit was equation and inequalities unit was quite easy to me because I already learned about this in Korean math. But I liked this unit because I had chance to revise too. I learned how to draw graph better and also why is this method so important.

Our unit in maths was Linear Equations. In this unit we learnt how to solve an equation step by step. We learnt few other things in this unit. We even wrote a test in this unit and a task to do at the end of the unit. It was about these two people called Mr. Fast and Mr.Correct. It was easy but I didn’t draw the graph properly. I enjoyed doing everything except, inequalities because I found it quite difficult and I didn’t like doing it.


During this unit in math, I’ve learned thoroughly about fractals. It was a new concept for me so I found it more interesting. Especially the characteristic that fractal had was really fascinating. No matter how many times we magnify the fractal, after every step I could see the same shape. I found it really interesting that we can easily see fractals all over the nature in a different scales. I could see the same patterns again and again, from the tiny branching of our blood vessels and neurons to the branching of trees, lightning bolts, and river networks. I just realized that I wasn’t paying much attention to it.
At first when I just heard about the explanation about the fractal, I couldn’t understand it fully. It was a totally new concept for me. However when I heard about it once again with some pictures and video explaining about it, I could clearly see how it works. Activities such as drawing our own fractal or actually making it using plastic circles helped a lot for me to understand it properly. external image ABcf4M5VyJO8E2dEqaucz1SQwq6sUvlMztFTjPsyf24lF1hGgOjg1zTg8k4OJd2lQCg13adrsioPT_wrxvzhzMyoPJeI49KknqPs1Mr0UJJewiIQylnl
While writing a report about fractal, I had some difficulties writing explanation. Though I clearly knew how it worked and how the formula works, it was always harder to write the explanation in a written form. But at last I managed to do it well. I wrote as if was explaining it to a person who had no idea about fractal. Also typing a mathematical formula in a computer was harder than I had expected. But it was rather an inconvenient work than a difficult or complicated work. I am generally really satisfied with the report that I have come up with. I spent lots of time and effort in it and I think it was worth it!

Part of this unit involved learning about fractals. Personally, I found the process of creating a fractal really easy, as it’s just repeating a pattern continuously. But this turned out to be the easiest part in fractals. My class was asked to write a report about fractals, and more specifically the von Koch snowflake. This fractal is one of the most famous, and it’s made by dividing the sides of an equilateral triangle and adding a triangle in the middle part.


In the report we had to make our own fractals through a program, and then weto investigate the area and perimeter of the von Koch snowflake. The process was long and hard, but in the end I think I got a good understanding of the traits of the perimeter and area of this fractal.
The most challenging part in writing this report was expressing my opinions in words. Phrasing the sentences and choosing the right words came slowly and even in the end, I think my report is unclear in some areas. It’s easier to express what I’m thinking through actions, but in words was really challenging.
I actually enjoyed writing this report. It pushed me to my limits in my understanding of math and writing my thoughts down. Although my report is unclear in some areas and I feel as if I didn’t add enough, it helped me learn the format of writing a report. I enjoyed investigating and the process of making formulas, and I think the von Koch snowflake was a good way to stimulate my understanding of math.
In conclusion, this report was interesting and very challenging. I could improve in making my thoughts clear, but I think I did an okay job for my first report, and I’m sure that this will help me in my future reports to come in any subject.

World Studies

MYP 1: Final reflections on our mapping unit. Up next: The American Revolution!

Creating dating profiles for the founders of the American Revolution

What would you tell grade 5 about what they will learn in this unit next year?

I would tell them that they will learn about finding countries by using longitude and latitude.

How would this unit have been different if we focused on a different Area of Interaction?

If we had not talked about the environment and instead talked about human ingenuity, we would have talked more about technology.--Areez

If we focused on Human Ingenuity we would have spent more time on inventions that help us locate ourselves like the GPS or GoogleMaps.

MYP 2: Final reflections on our ancient Rome unit. Up next: The Industrial Revolution!

The emperor Augustus. Image from
The emperor Augustus. Image from

Of the different Systems we encountered that the Romans relied on to make their empire run smoothly, which one(s) do you think were the most crucial and why?

Probably the system of military and social classes because the military gave them power and the classes gave people different rights.

MYP 3: Final reflections on our World War One unit. Up next: The Russian Revolution!

World War One propaganda poster (Hyun Kwon)

Who do you think was the most interesting historical figure we met and why?
I think Gavrilo Princip was the most interesting person because he killed the prince of the Serbia. I was really interested n the Black Hand.and he was also in the Black Hand.

--Hyun Kwon

MYP 5: Final reflections on our Model UN unit. Up next: The French Revolution!

The delegates of Brazil in the plenary chamber of the Polish parliament
The delegates of Brazil in the plenary chamber of the Polish parliament

Do you think the resolution produced by your committee had a real shot at solving the problem? Why or why not?

I think that if it were a real resolution, it could possibly help the Roma. It was very specific (stated that certain powerful countries should may a certain amount of money to spend on helping the Roma) and the clauses were very realistic. I personally didn’t sponsor or co-submit to the resolution, because I thought it had too much to do with throwing money at the health problems and their causes, and not actually helping the Roma integrate with non-Roma.


What did your experience at the Model UN teach you about the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the UN? Does the world need a world body? Are there problems that the UN is simply not suited to solving? Are there problems to which it is especially suited to solving?

Due to this MUN, I saw that the UN wasn’t what I originally thought it would be. I thought that it was this organization that tried to come up solutions to problems that affected the world according to whether it was right or not, I had no idea it was where countries gathered and decided an agreement that followed the majority. This majority was a resolution that helped one country in particular, but was written in nice, fancy words that makes it look as if it’s helping the world. Although it does focus on solving world issues, the priority is the delegate’s country. For example, in the GA, Azerbaijan voted against a resolution that was obviously right; and the reason for that was because it wasn’t good for Azerbaijan. I think the world should have an international body. Countries can solve problems together, and the solution wouldn’t be one-sided. Not only that, but it’s a good opportunity for countries to see what opinion and position other countries are on. I think problems that have to do with the peace of the world should be discussed in the UN as it’s purpose is to keep world peace. For example: stabilizing countries (Unna’s topic) and health issues.


Our ATL for this unit was Collaboration. What made it easy or hard to collaborate with your fellow “Brazilians” in preparation for the Model UN? What made it easy or hard to collaborate with your fellow delegates during committee? What made it easy or hard to collaborate with your fellow nations during the General Assembly?

We generally had really good collaboration during the general assembly. According to each of our strongsuits, we undertook the roles. For example as Ola and Minhae were good at speaking they were preparing for speaking and rest of us were researching, monitoring and writing script. Though it was our first time and though we panicked time to time, we helped each other and tried to solve the problem as best as we could. Though sometimes it was hard to communicate as there was an aisle between our seats, we tried our best using chats in internet or page notes and trusted each other on what each others were doing.

SRC Corner

During the first week of November, the SRC organised several different activities to celebrate Halloween. Such activities included apple, worm and candy bobbing, mystery boxes, mummy wrap and eyeball bounce. Everyone participated fully although some of the activities were pretty challenging. The students seemed to like the apple, candy and worm bobbing the most despite the mess it made. We appreciate that the students were really involved in these activities as the SRC worked hard to organise and prepare for this event. We hope this enjoyable Halloween celebration can become a tradition here at WIS!

Written by Ji Won

apple bobbing 2.jpgApple bobbing.jpg


ping pong.jpg