Welcome to the November MYP Newsletter:


November 29: Report cards go home (envelopes signed by parents due by Dec. 04).

December 04: Parent teacher conferences 13:30-15:30 or 17:30-19:30: Half day for students - School dismissal is at 12:10!

December 07: Winter WOW Concert from 15:00. (National or Formal Dress - White Shirt and Black Trousers or Black Skirts - No tennis / trainer shoes!!).

December 10: Human Rights Day

December 13: Half day of school - Class dismissal is at 12:00. Happy Holidays!

January 7: School Reconvenes! - Welcome back to school and Happy New Year 2014!!

Parent-Teacher Conference Information:

Conferences will begin at 13:30 for the EARLY SESSION and 17:30 for the LATE SESSION. It's important to arrive on time as parents will first be divided into two groups and rotated between teachers every ten minutes. Upon arrival you will either begin with the Specialist teachers upstairs in the theater or with the core teachers downstairs in the WIS wing. There will be a short break after 50 minutes then parents will switch; those who began in the theater will come to the WIS wing and vice-versa.This is the most efficient way to ensure that you have equal time to speak to every teacher.

And just a reminder that the following teachers will only be available for the EARLY SESSION:
  • Mr. Cooper (Physical Education)
  • Ms. Justyna (7th-Grade Maths)
  • Ms. Anna (Music)

Parents of the following students are signed up for the EARLY SESSION:
  • Hyoung Jun and Hyoung Min, Simphiwe, Jaqueline, Ho Jung, Oliver, Seoungwoo, Otto, Jimin, Jessica and Jasper

Parents of the following students are signed up for the LATE SESSION:
  • Shivangi, Dhaya, Liina, Yeon Soo and Jun Soo, Alex, Jure, Robert, Sae Rim, Kristian and Amelia

Science News:

MYP1: We have finished our unit on the scientific method, where students participated in several different experiments. Currently we are starting our new unit on the characteristics/ classification of life. The students will be producing a presentation on an animal from the movie "Finding Nemo," with a focus on how their animal shows the characteristics of life (MRS NERG) and how it is classified.
from: (http://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/t2-s-003-mrs-nerg-life-processes-display-posters)

MYP2: We have continued our unit on the body systems. So far we have focused on the following systems: skeletal, muscular, and circulatory. Currently, the students will be preparing presentations on how these three systems compare to the human systems of an animals from the movie "Finding Nemo."


from: (http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Diagram_of_the_human_heart_%28cropped%29.svg)

MYP3: We are wrapping up our unit on Natural Disasters. Students have learned about plate tectonics, earthquakes and volcanoes. We will continue this unit studying tsunamis and hurricanes. Students participated in several labs where they learned the different types of volcanoes and the mechanisms that cause them to erupt.
From: (http://www.howitworksdaily.com/whats-inside/how-a-tsunami-works/)

MYP4/5: We have started our unit on nuclear chemistry where students have studied about the different types of radiation. The students watched a documentary about Hiroshima and learned about the positive and negative affects of atomic bombs. The students will prepare for a debate in which they will have to prepare evidence to support using nuclear chemistry or evidence to support the ideas that we should no longer use nuclear chemistry.

From: (http://www.theguardian.com/film/2010/aug/15/hollywood-hiroshima-ronald-bergan-films)

Visual Arts News:

MYP 1 & 2

In November, our Visual Art unit topic is Gustav Klimt, we are learning about elements of arts and how we can express various feelings and emotions using shapes and lines. We started the application, which is based on photos of our faces. The biggest challenge is to decorate the picture, effectively according to Gustav Klimt’s style. MYP 2 students are learning about Art Nouveau Style and they are exploring different patterns, letters and paper cutouts.
2013-11-27 14.19.26.jpg2013-11-13 13.48.47.jpg
(Credits?) for all of these three images? - explanation on what is going on the second picture?


In VA we just had an impressionism unit, where we learned about composition, colour and lighting and how to apply brush strokes. Our summative assesment was to paint the coloseum using the same colours from one of Monet's paintings and to write good ongoing and final reflections. The unit we are currently doing is Georgia O' Keeffe's paintings. Our summative assesment is to paint a microcosm of a sea shell of our choice. We will also be assesed on the reflections.
2013-11-06 09.10.11.jpg2013-11-06 09.11.18.jpg


MYP 4/5

In the last 2 months, we have done a unit called ‘Marc Chagall’. It’s the name of a painter, we had to paint our own drawings on our canvas which was based on the Marc Chagall’s style and we started to write about this ‘on-going reflection’ which was really useful to remind what we did, what I have to improve or what I did well. We did step by step by following the creterians. For example, first step was investigation; we did research for some paintings of Marc Chagall to understand more what his painting’s characteristics are so it was much easier to plan things.

The steps that we did this time was:

-Research and design our own characters

-Sketching and Drawing on our canvas


-Write a reflection

I think we all did well in this unit. It wasn’t that hard to draw and paint. I enjoyed this unit a lot because I liked to create my own things. I think it was good start for the new year. Then we just started a new unit. It’s called ‘Pop Art’. We are working on our portrait.

2013-11-05 12.20.07.jpg

Design Technology News:

MYP 1&2
Our new unit on Design Technology is Design for Health. MYP 1 students were asked to design, going through entire Design Cycle, a food sign that inform people that a product contains nuts and can be dangerous for customers with allergy. MYP 2 students are expected to create a food symbol that informs that a product is unbalanced. The students were investigating different food labels and packaging signs and finally started to design their own design.


In Dt, we myp3 has been learning about advertising. We learned what is a good logo. At the end of the unit, we had a combined assessment with La. We had to make a presentation about a new chocolate we made. And after we made it, we had to present it tote representative of the company, Thornbury.
Hyoung Jun

MYP 4&5
This month in DT we finished our first unit which was, Travel Guide-Places of memory. In this unit we had to make a travel guide for children and teach children about a dramatic history in a friendly way. I found this month of DT very interesting because I got to make a travel guide and teach children about the dramatic history, and also even I got to learn a lot about history. We also learnt to be more sensitive while teaching children something which is dramatic and scary.
So this month on DT we finished to make our travel guides about an historical event. It took us longer than planned, but the final effect was great. After that unit finished we started our current unit which is Problem solving, bread making. For this unit we have to bake a bread for a person that as diabetes and has celiac disease. We just started this unit one week ago so we have not gotten so far on it. Overall this month has been great on DT.

World Studies

MYP 1-2

photo 2.jpg
Students decide where and when they would like to travel in time. From left: Hyoung Min, Jun Soo, Amelia, Simphiwe, Otto, Sae Rim, Jaqueline, Ho Jung, Japser

The last few days, we have been learning about chronology. Chronology is something to put events in the right order. So basically it is all about time. In the lesson when we were learning chronology, Mr.Dooley gave some papers. On the first page there was some information about the death of Martin Luther King Jr. put in the wrong order. When we put the information in the right order, we found out approximately who killed him. I think the class and I have a good understanding of the importance of chronology and how to use it correctly.

--Hyoung Min, Grade 6

Anzac troops in a trench at Gallipoli in 1915. Image from utulsa.libguides.com

The Eighth graders have been learning about the Gallipoli campaign. In 1915 Winston Churchill proposed a plan to break the stalemate on the Western Front by sending British warships through the Dardanelles strait to attack Turkey's capital. After the ships failed to get through, the war planners decided to launch a land invasion to capture the peninsula. Fighting quickly settled into trench warfare and the decision was eventually made to withdraw. There will be a quiz on Friday. Here is the task outline.

--Mr. Dooley

MYP 4-5
myp 45.JPG
Aula Leopoldina, the 17th-century baroque hall located in the main building of the University of Wroclaw. Photo by S. Dooley

On Monday, Nov. 25, we went on a trip to Wroclaw University to see the opening ceremony of the Wroclaw Model United Nations (WrocMUN). We saw various schools from all over Poland. Each school sent delegates representing a country of their choosing. The delegates had to make a speech to introduce themselves and present their hopes for the conference. And afterward we went to Subway to ponder the current state of our society. (We also feel obliged to say that the pews were ungodly uncomfortable.)--Grade 9/10

Middle School Physical Education

(Image source?)
All Middle School students are in the middle of their basketball units. Throughout this unit they have been or will be practicing and developing their dribbling, passing, shooting and defending skills. They MYP 1 and 2 students have been transfering their skills to modified matches more recently while the MYP 3-5 class has been participating in authentic basketball matches to further develop their skills.

If you would like to learn more about these unit please go to the links below. The first one will take you to the MYP 1-2 PE wiki page and the second one to the MYP 3-5 PE wiki page:



Language B Polish

Phase 1
Students almost finish their second Unit "Me and you" during which they have learned to describe themselves and others. Now they can describe anyone answering questions What is your name? Where are you from? How old are you? What languages do you speak? What do you like to do? What are you interested in? What do you look like? During the Unit students were expected to describe famous person. Here you can find some students works.
On December 13th students will be presenting their final assessments: someone's description (oral task) and self presentation (written task).


Jun soo presents his findings to the class of how to properly use directed numbers. From Left to right: Jun soo, Sae Rim, Hyoungmin, Jaqueline, Amelia, and Otto

Jun Soo:
This unit was directed number. We learned about how to +-x/. It was quite difficult unit to me. Like in first I did -34-(-23)=? But now I know it’s -34+23=34-23=11 !!! It will be helpful to learn other thing also!!!

Sae Rim:
In this unit, I learned directed number. Directed number consist of positive and negative number. However, my favourite part was multiplication and division of directed number, but there were hard part such as subtraction. Thus, I practice a lot to develope my math skill for example, I learned some tricks.

This unit in math was good because i learned how to do directed numbers and i got much better in math. I saw that most of the class didn’t have almost any problems. I really like math because from when Ms.Ewa came back it’s much easier than it was.

This unit in math we have been learning about directed numbers. I think directed numbers are kind of hard in some situations, but I think I’ve kind of started to understand them and I don't have so many problems with them. The only problem I haved with directed numbers is doing x and /.

In math we’ve been learning about directed numbers. Directed numbers are negative and positive numbers. With these numbers we’ve been learning how to do addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. I think I am confident with directed numbers because I got most of the questions right. But I am a bit worried about the test because in every math test there are few very hard questions.

In math we are doing directed numbers. I like this unit but I want to try to improve in it. I find this unit hard but Mrs Ewa helps me a lot. So in this unit we were learning about negative and positive numbers. I hope I will get a good score on my test on friday.


In math we have been learning about fractions. We have learned how to addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. In math we have been also learning how to use whole numbers into fractions and mixed number into a correct fraction.
I think I am ready for the test because I am very good in math and I can figure out most of the problems. I need a little more work on multiplication fractions.
This is what I have been doing in math with my teachers.
I have learned new things in math and I have a hard it is to new issues.
In this unit 2 we were learning about fractions. We were learning adding, subtracting and multiplying. My challenging part was when I had to find the LCM (lowest common multiples). We had to find lowest common multiples when we were adding and subtracting. Then we learned how to multiply with fractions. It was easy and fun.


Yeon Soo:
We solved equation and word problem. We can insert the alphabet to don’t no the number and we solve it.
How to solve? : we change to opposite side and leave only alphabet. Then we can get what is the number of the alphabet. I’m not good at solve the word problem. so I’ll increase my english skills. Equation is quite simple so I just need to solve the word problem.

This unit we learned about equations. I learned how to solve equations faster and easier. At first it was hard for me to understand what to do first.

This trimester we focused on equations. I had problems on explaining on how i got my answer. I had most of the answers right but i just couldn’t explain how i got them (In Mrs.Ewa’s way). Except that i did pretty good and feel like i understood everything else.

In this unit we have been learning about Equations. Using equation, we solved normal questions, and also we solved some word problems.
For me this unit was quite easy, because I did equations before we did it here. But when I learned it, I didn't understand well about why we change the operations when we change the side of the equation. However, as we solving a lot of equations, I understood well, I got used to the difficult questions, and it became more easy to solve the difficult questions.
Therefore I think it was good to learn again, and if I have some chance, I want to try to use equations in my life.

In this unit we learned about algebra. I think I learned much, because I skipped one class, and I think I am not far behind of the others. But I still don’t know few things. I have learned many new techniques and learned a lot more. I have learned algebra, and other things in math. I have learned how to calculate what number is equal to x. We have done some homework and in class things in mathletics. I think is still could do some progress in math, because in finland I was not good, though I have made progress already. But I think i can do better if I want to.

In this unit, I learned about Linear Relationships. I learned some new things. I didn’t know how to show my working and things like that, but now I can. We also did Mathletics. This unit was good and looking forward to better unit!!

In this unit I learned many new things like: algebra. I find out how to calculate different equations on the different way’s. We were doing some practice on mathletics, I was a little strange for me because this was new for me. I find out how to show my work on equations. In sometimes I was catching myself but then it starts to go smooth. It was pretty fun for me to teaching new stuff.

In this unit I learned a lot. I learned substitution, equations and inequalities. I liked learning equations because they were easy and fun. But I did not want to write everything down, but I saw that if I did write it I got it right more often and if it was wrong I could tell what I did wrong. I had to do a lot of maths at the beginning of the unit but now I feel that I am about a similar level.


Our unit is ‘Consumer Arithmetic’ in this time. We are learning about methods of payments, taxes, compound and simple interest and loans. I think this is really helpful to calculate things that is connected with money so it’s useful for economy and we had solve many exercise for this unit. We also had an assessment which is for loan and it was very interesting to look for my house for future and think of the payments and calculated it. Some of the exercises were quite confused a lot but I tried to be engaged in this unit. Now we are solving problems of this unit through Mathletics. I am glad to learn something interesting and very useful for my life.

Now in Mathematics our unit is Consumer arithmetic. In this unit we learn about taxes, methods of payments, loans, simple and compound interest. This gives me a better understanding of economics also. I find this unit really hard because you have to remember many formulas, numbers and names. I usually get confused so I would have to say that this unit isn’t going to well for me. Since I find it really hard, I don’t really like this unit either. However I do think that this unit is really important for me to know and that it’s good for me to learn this.

For this unit we did something consumer Arithmetic. I didn’t like this unit because it was about loans and taxes, methods of payments and compound and simple interest. This math is for younger grade because it is simple math and just vocabs.

In math this month we stated a unit named consumer arithmetic. We got to learn about taxes.methods of payments, loans, simple and compound interest. This gives me a better understanding how banks work and how it is hard to payback a loan. It also gives me a clear sight of what the future will look like. Overall I think this unit is hard but it is important to learn it.


This month I have had two units. I finished one and recently had started a new one. My former unit was focused on fractal equations and the know-how needed to understand them, I was assigned to produce an essay that would describe fractals and what they were. What I understood about them was that they are created by repeating a simple process, which in most cases can be described by a mathematical equation, and when represented graphically show an infinitely complex structure. I was to do research about some of the most known ones and to describe process of calculating the area and the perimeter of some. My current unit is focused on algebra and we are currently working on different algebraic expressions and how to solve them.

In this unit I did fractals and Von Koch Snowflake. I learned how to calculate Von Koch Snowflake area and how to make it. I learned how to calculate different squares thing and with two different style.

Language A


‘These days we are learning Expressing opinions. We have discussing time to discuss a few topics. It was really good time…Mrs. Craig recorded us. I was so shy, but after a few times it became OK. In this unit we can learn (brave) communicator skills and thinker skills.’ (Jun Soo)

'This unit is about learning how to write an essay and how to discuss. From this I learned how to express my feelings and supporting my opinions. Also we had some worksheets for practicing writing paragraphs. When we are perfect with the paragraph, we had to write a whole essay. I think the hamburger helped a lot. So far, our discussions are going well. Everyone is expressing their opinions, supporting their opinions and responding to other people’s opinions.’ (Hyoung Min)
'In Language A, we worked on doing paragraphs, essays and expressing opinions. We did a lot of discussions about different topics. I really think my discussion skills improved. I am looking forward to our next discussion our class will have. Now we are working on doing essays. I really like to write essays. I like this unit a lot. I don’t want it to end.’ (Jaqueline)

These pictures show the students involved in the two assessed discussions:

discussion 1 pic.png
From left, Otto, Sae Rim, Amelia, Jaqueline, Hyoung Min, Jun Soo

discussion pic.png
From left, Hyoung Min, Jun Soo, Jaqueline, Sae Rim, Otto, Amelia


‘In LA, we are in unit 2, the unit we are doing is the future. In this time we have been making a timeline with Mr. Bridges. We have also been reviewing essay writing with Mrs. Craig.’ (Sim)

‘In Language A, we started our second unit, The Future. We were searching on the internet and reading magazines. We already drew our timeline; past, present and future. I really learned a lot from the magazines. For example I used only the internet before, but when I looked at the magazines, there were so many interesting articles.’ (Ho Jung)


We have now finished the marketing unit and here are some excerpts from the students’ final end of unit reflections.
‘I learned much this unit. I didn’t know so much about marketing and now I know much more, and it was fun to learn about it. I showed in the presentation, what I have learned. So I learned quite a lot.’ (Liina)

In this unit, the learner profile was “Communicator & Principled”. I showed it in many parts. For example, in the part that Liina and I was thinking about the ideas of the name, we didn't have much ideas, so we had to think about it in our home, and I did it. And we discussed about the most effective one, and we discussed how it can be effective.’ (Chiharu)

These pictures show the students giving their marketing pitches at the assembly on November 14th, 2013

Presentation 1.png
Presentation 2.png

presentation 3.png
Presentation 4.png
Hyoung Jun
Presentation 5.png
Yeon Soo

Presentation 6.png
Presentation 7.png
Kristian & Robert

We have just started unit 2 which looks at poetry from World War I, in support of the World Studies unit that is going on at the moment. The students have carried out some background research into some of the more famous poets to try and understand what has influenced their poetry. We began the unit with Wilfred Owen’s poem, Dulce et Decorum Est’ We will be reading and analyzing a number of other poems in order to give the students a broader view of the topic.

MYP 4 & 5

‘Our unit now in Language Arts is Literature from the Holocaust. In this unit we learn about the Holocaust and the human part of this time, not the statistics. In World Studies we are also learning about this however in World Studies we only learn the facts and statistics. In language arts we analyze different pictures, paintings, poems and stories that people that lived through the Holocaust made. I am reading the book Alicia: My Story by Alicia Appleman-Jurman. This is a book about a Jewish girl that lived in Poland and lived through many things like living in the Ghetto, in the prison and in hiding. She has suffered a lot during those times and lost a lot of family and friends. Reading this book gives me a different perspective on the Holocaust because now I know one of the many stories of someone who actually lived through it. Now I have a better understanding of how horrible and inhumane this was.’ (Hania)

‘I read a book called “night” by Elie Wiesel. It is an interesting book but it is really depressing and sad. When reading this book I got to learn lots of new things about the holocaust that I didn’t know before. Form this book i got to know how the conditions of the camps were and how the people in the camps were treated. The biggest impression on me was how the prisoners in the camps fought for food, it was really depressing to read that fragment of the book.’ (Oliver)

‘This unit has greatly widen my view of the Holocaust, and granted me a whole new perspective of it. I have gained a lot of new knowledge which helped me understand things that were previously unclear, and somewhat gave me a feeling of the magnitude of the Holocaust.’ (Alex)

‘I understand now better what happened in the holocaust. I have also two other books where included pictures and it’s helped me understand better.’ (Jessica)

‘This unit is called Learning about the Holocaust and it’s connected with World Studies so we are also learning the same thing in World Studies lessons. I think that works more effectively so that I can understand more about the topic…The first things we did in this unit was researching about a painter who is called Samuel Bak and we had to describe about him and his paintings. They were all inspired of Holocaust so they were looked very sad and everything was destroyed. We also read a poem which is called ‘The Little Polish Boy’ and it showed how Nazi were treated Jews badly.’ (Ji Min)