Important Dates:

October 24th - 27th MYP 5 Model UN Field Trip
October 27th - November 5th Autumn Holiday
Monday November 26th MYP 2 Science Field Trip to the Humanitarian Museum

Please note Monday November 5th is a teacher only day! Students should not come to school!

Language B Polish
We have finished the very first Unit "Survival Polish". This is what students wrote about this unit
I like this unit because we learned some new Polish words and had fun playing games and doing worksheets.I enjoyed counting numbers 0-100 because for some reason everyone was jolly and couldn't stop giggling and I learned new numbers. I think there should have been more interesting worksheets because usually we have polish around the end of the day and the dull gray colours could only make one more tired. There is nothing that I didn't like in this unit.
Right now students are preparing for the summative assessment on the Unit "Me and you". They need to describe themselves and a friend, talk about likes and dislikes, nationality, age and interests. The next unit will be titled "My family" We will practice and develop skills from the current unit.

MYP 2 (begginer second year of learning /MYP 5)
Students finished "My vacation" unit. They have prepared a Power Point presentation and a very detailed description of what they did and learned during the vacation.
At this moment we are starting the new unit "My body". Students will learn body parts and useful expressions when visiting a doctor. They will give advice about what to do to be healthy. One of the main goals of this unit apart from learning language skills is to find out the best way to learn vocabulary. To do this students are creating games they think will help them to memorize vocabulary.

MYP 2 (advanced)/MYP3
Students have already finished their Power Point presentation on science. They have been learning how to use Polish language sources in other subjects. It was an extremely difficult unit for them but the have done well. This week we started the new unit "Poetry". Students will meet three famous Polish poets: Jan Kochanowski, Adam Mickiewicz and Wislawa Szymborska. At the end of this unit students will be expected to recite and interpret one poem.

Language A


'This month, we have learned how to write blurbs. We learned that in a blurb, we shouldn't give away the endings, we should make the reader finish the sentence, we should ask questions and use a lot of interesting words. Next time when I read a blurb I think I will find more interesting books for me.' (Ho Jung)

'Another thing we did was something called The Book Corner, where we choose a book and write our own blurbs. We drew a bookshelf and we stuck it on. We are about to do the book talk where we choose a book and we talk about the book, but that is November 8th 2012.' (Areez)

​'We are currently working on the unit called Expressing Opinions. In this unit the first thing we did was a diagnostic test on the topic ​Do you agree that all students should wear school uniforms?​ So Mrs. Craig would see what she needed to teach us.' (Dhaya)

'We also learned how to write a good paragraph. Mrs. Craig showed us the idea of a hamburger because it is easy to remember. The bread holds the paragraph together which is the topic sentence and the concluding sentence. The filling is the detail.' (Seung Myeon)

The Book Corner.jpg

We are getting towards the end of our creative writing unit. This month, we have learned about the different ways of creating tension. Some of these include using short sentences, repetition, onomatopoeia etc. We each had to create a piece of writing incorporating as many of these techniques as possible.

The work is displayed in the WIS wing. Come and take a look!

Tension writing display.jpg

We've also been reading many short stories and have been analysing setting, characterisation and plot.
'My favourite story was The Choking Alsatian. It was my favourite because I like dogs and it was scary. It also left me with a question mark in my head.' (Victoria)
​My favourite story was The Hitchhiker by Anthony Horowitz because in the story there was a lot of tension and at some point I got so excited that I didn't want the story to end.' (Kristian)
'I liked The Choking Alsatian because I like how the writer leaves the ending to the reader's imagination.' (Andrea)

We have also been practising writing stories in exam conditions. 'I liked the timed writing because I got to use my imagination and create something that is mine and that I am proud of. I think I did a pretty good job on it because I got good feedback and I actually got to finish the story from beginning to end.' (Kristian)

We have also been working on characterisation and how to make our characters more interesting. We read a short story called The Vanishing Hitchhiker and had to improve it by creating more tension and developing character.

We have also continued to write reading journal entries about the stories we read. ' Now every Friday we have to hand in journal entries containing summaries, response, predictions and connections to books that we are reading independently/' ​(Andrea)


We are coming towards the end of our marketing unit and the students are busy putting together everything they learned and practised in their final presentations. In pairs and one group of three, the students have the task of coming up with a new chocolate product for 9 to 16 year olds. They need to create the product, a name, a slogan, the wrapper, a sketch of a magazine advertisement and a short script for a radio advertisement. Then they need to put together a pitch (presentation) to convince the client to choose their product and marketing campaign. In their presentation, the students need to explain and justify all their choices and decisions.
As well as examining the process of marketing and techniques of persuasion, we have also been focusing heavily on presentation skills. The students have done a number of mini presentations, including a presentation to the grade 5-10 students about logo design and a presentation of the logo that they designed in DT. Miss Daniela was assessing them on her 'create' criteria and I was assessing them on their ability to explain and justify their choices and their presentation skills.

Presentations on Deconstructing Advertisements

Deconstructing an advert 1.jpgDeconstructing an advert 2.jpgDeconstructing an advert 3.jpg

Logo Presentation to grades 5 to 10

Oliver.jpgShivangi & Seung Hwan.jpg

The students will give their presentations at the middle school assembly on Wednesday 7th November at 11.25 in the Zielinskiego Theatre. All parents are welcome to attend!


The MYP 5 students have almost finished their unit on Genres of Literature. Their final assignment is to read two modern stories based on traditional fairy tales, choose one of the stories and then write an essay explaining how the story draws on the traditional genre of the fairy tale and how it manipulates the genre.
In order to prepare for this task, students have, while reading stories from different genres, practised writing introductions and thesis statements, paragraph structure, supporting opinions with evidence and quotes, and writing conclusions.

The students have also begun reading the novel Unwind by Neal Shusterman, which deals with the subject of genetic engineering and organ donation. This novel study is tied to the MYP 5 Science unit on Genetics. The focus for Language A is for students to read independently and express an informed personal response to what they are reading. Each week, the students read a section of the book, write a reading journal response and come up with questions to provoke discussion. Every Wednesday, one student is leader and they have a 20 minute discussion on the novel. The discussion is completely student driven. At the end of each discussion, they are given feedback and graded on the quality of their comments and their ability to support their opinions as well as their style and language use.

Physical Education
MYP 1 and 2: Soccer Unit

external image soccer-ball.jpg

The MYP 1 and 2 students just completed their Soccer unit this past week. During this unit they explored the questions - Why do sports have rules? (MYP 1) and When should rules be changed in sport? (MYP 2). They learned/practiced how to dribble, pass, trap and shoot correctly as well. They were assessed in 2 MYP Criteria for this unit, Criterion A Use of knowledge (through a written test) and Criterion C Performance (through a skills assessment task at the end of the unit.) Also, they participated in modified matches, sometimes with the rules changed to help them focus on a specific skill. If you would like to know more about this unit, then please go to the link below, which will bring you to the MYP 1 and 2 PE wikipage:

MYP 3 and 5: Hockey Unit

external image hockey.jpg

The MYP 3 and 5 students are in the middle of their hockey unit. They are focusing on safety and the questions Why should people always be aware of their surroundings? (MYP 3) and What can be done to make an activity safe for others? (MYP 5). During this unit they have the opportunity to practice and improve their stick-handling, passing and shooting skills as well as to participate in authentic floor hockey matches. If you would like to know more about this unit as well as see some videos from authentic floor hockey matches, then please go to the link below, which will bring you to the MYP 3 and 5 PE wikipage:

MYP Science

MYP 1: Scientific Method

Photo Oct 19, 8 51 08 AM.jpg

Photo Oct 19, 8 57 05 AM.jpg

In science we learned to use the scientific method. We also learned the meaning of independent variable, dependent variable, control group, and constant. We did a few experiments to identify these variables. I hope that our next unit is this fun. (Dhaya)
We did many experiments and it was very interesting. Elephant toothpaste was cool. In Barbie Bungee we learned how many rubber bands we had to put to safely bungee jump a stuffed animal. (Seung Myeon)
This month we learned about the scientific method. We did experiments like first we heated water with a Bunsen Burner. Then we did an experiment called elephant toothpaste. We also did an experiment where we made carbon dioxide. (Areez)

MYP 2: Muscle and Skeletal System.

myp 2.jpg

This month in science, we learned about muscles and bones. It was fun and pretty interesting. We also played games about bones and muscles. Now, I remember all the bones and muscles and where they are. (Hyoung Jun)
During this month in science we have been doing some investigations about the muscles and bones. We did some puzzles of bones, played games like "Whack-a-bone," and completed 95 questions about x-rays. (Andrea)
During this month in science we have studied the bones. We have pieced together the skeletons of various animals. We have also looked at some x-rays on the internet and answered questions about them. It was a long activity so it took us ages, 94 questions. (Jakob)
In science class this month we learned about the muscles and about the bones. I honestly like the muscles more. In the muscle lab we learned the muscles by playing a game at an internet site. On the bone lab, I and the rest played another game to learn the bones. There were probably the 2 coolest units we had. (Kristian)

MYP 3: Natural Disasters: Earthquakes

MYP 2 001.JPG

MYP 3 002.JPG

MYP 3 003.JPG

In science we learnt about the earthquake. It was very interesting because I learnt that if there are the same density it creates a mountain. When the two different density meets it one goes down. Also everything goes in a circle. (Seoungwoo)
In science we learned about some natural disasters and how did Pangia move. I also learned about the crust in the Earth. It was a very interesting unit. (Seung Hwan)
This unit we have learned about natural disasters and specific about earthquake. In this unit we did different experiments like the seismograph. I think that the experiment was fun. We also watched some movies about earthquake in Japan. The thing I liked the most in this unit was the experiment with the seismograph. The thing I disliked in this unit was the quiz we wrote. Next unit i think we can play more games because you can learn stuff from games. (Oliver).

On science we have a unit of natural disasters. First we had to do our project about a natural disaster that happened, I did about the avalanche in Peru. Then we learnt a lot about earthquakes and what causes them, how they happen, how to measure them etc. Now we just finished learning about earthquakes and now we are going to learn about tsunamis. I really liked this unit because I got to learn a lot and many details about how earthquakes work. I found out lots of things that I didn’t know before which is very good. (Hania)
This month we learnt and still going to learn about the Natural Disasters which happen on earth. I enjoyed the doing the presentation, which we did at the beginning. At the beginning we did a short presentation on a natural disaster. I learnt that earthquakes happen because of the tectonic plates which keep on moving and when these plates, bump into each other, an earthquake occurs. (Shivangi)

MYP 5: Genetics: Protein Synthesis

During this unit we have learned deeply about protein synthesis and DNA replication. We have reviewed the DNA replication process and learned about the similarities and differences between two topics. As we have learned DNA replication last year it was easier for me to understand. I have finished making a presentation, explaining how protein synthesis and DNA replication works. Currently, combined with L.A, we have started reading the book ‘Unwind’. It deals about the unwinding children and I think it’s really interesting. (Ji Won)

This month, in Science, we looked at protein synthesis and did some activities to understand the process more, and we reviewed DNA replication. We also started reading a book in Language Arts that applies to our unit in science. Finally, we made a powerpoint presentation comparing DNA replication to protein synthesis. I think this unit was interesting, because I like learning about genetics. (Ola)

This month we reviewed dna replication and also a new topic; protein synthesis. our formative assessment for this unit was to make a presentation where i would compare the dna replication and protein synthesis, i did like to learn what protein synthesis was, but i didn't really like the formative assessment. (Unna)

So this unit, we went through protein synthesis and dna replication, this was really hard for me because there was so much things happening and every second word was something that I didn’t understand which made everything so much harder to do and understand, we also started reading a book during LA which is related to genetics and we are going to discuss about that book during the trimester two. (Emmi).



MYP 1 students have just finished a unit about whole numbers. Now we are learning about directed numbers. We are talking about real-life situations which can be described with directed numbers. Students practice adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing directed numbers by playing games, watching videos and singing songs.

MYP 1.jpg


MYP 2 students have just finished the 2D and 3D Shapes unit. At the end of the unit they learned about 2 Dimentional world that is called Flatland. They prepared a video and a presentation showing the life of creatures that do not know the 3rd dimension...



In math we have been learning about algebraic techniques. We learned how to simplify, expand, factorise etc. algebraic equations. We also learned how to find out what the letter stands for like x+18=27 so x=9. I really liked this unit because I find algebra very interesting and it was challenging so it wasn’t boring at all. I found some things kind of hard but then when I asked Ms.Ewa, she explained it to me how to solve this. I learned a lot in this unit and I think I will need this information in my future. I would like to have this unit again because I think that algebra is most interesting in math for me.

- Hania

This unit we have learned about equations. We have learned from the text book and we also learned on the computers on mathematics. I didn’t like this unit because I don’t like equations. The thing I disliked in this unit was working from the text book. The thing I like this unit was working on the computers. Next time we can play more games.


This month we have been learning about Linear Equations. Now we are in the middle of the chapter. The interesting thing which I found in this unit is that we have to write down each and every step clearly. I learned how to write everything step by step in this unit.

- Shivangi

In this unit we learned how to do equations. Because this is the unit that I am not very good this unit was a bit confused but later I started to understand and now I understand everything.

- Hyun Kwon


MYP 5 students are still continuing number and measurement revision. Now we are learning about fractals and for their final assessment they will investigate how the area and the perimeter of Von Koch Snowflake change in subsequent iterations.

MYP 5.jpg




Dhaya MYP1, Cave Drawing

We have finished the very first Unit Cave Art. Students were doing cave style drawing and preparing their first chapter in the developmental sketchbook.
We watched the movie Cave of Forgotten Dreams by Werner Hercog and discussed the importance of Art in the history of human beings. We have already started the next Unit called Standing Stones. We are preparing ourselves to make the scale model of Stonehenge.


Picture 032.jpg
Victoria MYP2, River Sight Paint

We have finished the River Sight Painting Unit. Students were painting Odra River Landscape on canvas as well as a huge painting of some delta lines of a river. Now the second unit has started. It is Indus Valley Civilization and is also connected with rivers and water. Students are learning about the origins of civilization.


Picture 033.jpgPicture 034.jpg
Hyun Kwon WallE Robot
Hania Queen of heart

We have finished the unit about Applied and Recycled Arts. Making the recycled sculptures gave students a lot of fun. Although there was a big mess in the art room, I was really pleased with their work. The Wall E robot recycled sculpture and the Queen of Hearts were particularly interesting. You can see these artworks in our library.


emi.jpgPicture 001.jpg
Emmi DNA Collage
Ola DNA Collage

All students from MYP 5 did excellent work with their collage. They were doing an assignment called DNA Collage. They were told to show DNA double helisa in some symbolic meaning, using techniques of the collage. The level of the works was really high, I was impressed by their skills and understanding.



Picture 015.jpg
Seung Myeon, Scale Model of a bookshelf with the Owl model on the top

The very first Unit of Design Technology was full of inspiration. Students were acquainted with the stages of the design process and they did a presentation of every stage done. We invited the guest, Mrs. Franco, our librarian to attend the presentation. She liked especially the model of th bookcase made by Seung Myeon due to the adorable owl. The owl is a symbol of librarians as well as the symbol of freedom. Congratulation Seung Myeon!!! We would like to have such a bookshelf in the WIS library.


Students were designing their first business or v card. The results were great. I am going to print the project end display at school. The main idea was making an untypical, memorable business card, so students used a lot of shapes, not only the traditional rectangular one.


We were working with layout for logos. This was a combined unit with Language Arts. During DT lessons students were producing they own logos, according to their future job ideas. As a result we had a lot of logos of company owners, bosses of the restaurant, fashion designers. Logos also are going to be printed and displayed.


Grade 10 students were pretending during this unit, that they are a group of architects working on a map of the new school building. The girls created an impressive map of a big school for various levels of education with all facilities added. The impression was huge, because they were working with an imaginary idea, not a real one. They designed the school and created a map. It took all month, but they were very glad that they had managed to complete the assignment. We were focused on Approaches to learning, especially on Organization. Students reflected well and critically about work organization and time management. The next stage as well as next the unit, will be a scale model of the school they designed in the last Unit.

World Food Drive

Last week we had World Food Drive in our school. The event was planned and organized by Unna, Ola and Emmi from MYP5 and Seong Woo from MYP 3. They did an excellent job. We would like to thank all of you who donated some food - together we collected 78 kilos at Z campus alone! A special commendation goes to those students who like Andrew (gr 5) and Hyong Min (gr 5) spent their own money to buy food.

Food Drive.jpg